Fencing Solutions for Pet Owners: Keep Your Furry Friends Safe

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White,Maltese,Dog,Behind,Metal,Bars,Of,Fence,Door,WaitingAs a pet owner, one of your top priorities is ensuring the safety and well-being of your furry friend. This includes taking appropriate measures to provide a secure environment where they can play and roam freely without the risk of escaping or encountering any potential dangers. Installing a reliable and suitable fencing system is an essential step towards achieving this goal. In this blog, we will discuss some fencing solutions that will help pet owners keep their beloved pets safe.

1. Secure Perimeter Fencing:

The most fundamental fencing solution for pet owners is undoubtedly a secure perimeter fence. This type of fencing is designed to enclose the entire property, creating a barrier that prevents pets from wandering off or straying onto nearby roads or adjacent properties. When choosing a perimeter fence, look for sturdy materials such as vinyl, wood, or metal, that are resistant to damage, weather conditions, and potential chewing from pets.

2. Height Considerations:

Apart from a secure fence, it is crucial to consider the height of your fencing, especially if you have larger or more agile pets. Dogs, for instance, have varying jumping abilities, so it is essential to install a fence high enough to prevent them from leaping over. The general recommendation is a minimum fence height of 6 feet, but this can vary depending on the breed and size of your pet. Consulting with a professional fence installer can ensure that the chosen fence height is suitable for your specific needs.

3. Solid vs. See-Through Fencing:

Choosing between solid and see-through fencing can be a matter of personal preference and the specific needs of your pet. Solid fencing, such as wooden or vinyl panels, offers complete privacy and prevents pets from seeing outside distractions that might trigger them. On the other hand, see-through fencing, like chain-link or wrought iron, allows pets to observe their surroundings and potentially reduces feelings of confinement. Consider your pet’s behavior and preferences when deciding which type of fencing will work best.

4. Digging Prevention:

Some pets have a natural inclination to dig, which can lead to escape attempts or damage to your fence. To prevent digging under the fence, consider adding a deterrent such as a buried wire mesh or concrete footing. The wire mesh should extend several inches below the ground level, acting as a barrier that prevents pets from tunneling their way out. Alternatively, a concrete footing can be poured along the base of the fence, making it nearly impossible for pets to dig their way under.

5. Electric Fencing:

For pet owners seeking additional reinforcement to prevent escape attempts, electric fencing can be an effective solution. Electric fences work by delivering a harmless but deterrent electric shock when pets come into contact with the wire or receive too close to the boundary. This type of fencing is particularly useful for pets that are prone to jumping or climbing fences. However, it is important to note that electric fences should always be used as a complement to a physical fence rather than a standalone solution.


As pet owners, keeping our furry friends safe and secure is of utmost importance. Choosing the right fencing solution is a significant step towards achieving this goal. By installing a secure perimeter fence, considering the height requirements, choosing between solid and see-through fencing, implementing digging prevention measures, and considering electric fencing as an additional reinforcement, pet owners can create a safe and secure environment for their beloved pets to thrive and roam freely while also providing peace of mind. Remember to consult with a professional fence installer to determine the best fencing solution for your specific needs.

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