Protecting Your Pets From Outside Threats – The Importance Of A Secure Fence

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Protecting Your Pets From Outside Threats – The Importance Of A Secure Fence

Whether you have an indoor dog or a yard pet, protecting them from outside threats is a vital part of your home security. This blog discusses some of the most common risks and how fencing can help keep your pets safe.


Whether you have an acreage or a tiny backyard, fencing your property is an important factor for pet safety. It prevents dogs from escaping and makes it safer for your dog to play outdoors without you having to worry about them running off and being lost or getting into trouble with strangers. There are many types of fences to choose from, including electric systems and GPS-operated fences. However, the best option for your dog is going to depend on their behavior and needs.


If your cat has always enjoyed the outdoors, you may be surprised to learn that allowing them to roam free can have some serious negative consequences. Outdoor cats are more likely to contract infectious diseases and parasites, as well as fight with other cats. Fortunately, there are a few different fences designed to keep your cat safely contained in your yard. The most secure fencing options have few horizontal rails, are spiked or pointed at the top and are secured into the ground with concrete footings.


Fencing can be a valuable tool for protecting people and animals from predators, but it’s also a concern for wildlife. Fences can become entanglement points for birds and animals, which can lead to injury and death. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to make your fence safer for wildlife. For example, attach ribbons to your fence or place small baubles at intervals on your fence. In addition, you should avoid feeding ground-feeding birds and remove any bird baths in your yard. This will help prevent hawks from attacking your pet.

Wild Animals

Whether it’s birds or wild animals, having a secure fence will help deter any unwanted visitors and keep your pets protected from the dangers of nature. Fences can also help save wildlife from crop-raiding, protect habitat and allow for natural reproduction. Additionally, they also help reduce conflict between humans and wildlife, increasing community support for conservation efforts.

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