Wood Fencing in Indianapolis, IN

Nothing quite compares to the beauty and personality of wood fencing in Indianapolis, Beech Grove, University Heights, and Warren Park, IN. Wood fencing is robust and appealing, bringing sophistication and character to your landscape in a way no other type of fencing can.

At A Security Fence & Gate, we’re master craftsmen when it comes to constructing wood fencing. We take the time to help you plan the ideal fence, then construct and install it with precision and attention to detail. The result is a tailored fencing installation that will stand tall and strong for decades to come.

Stick Frame Constructing

Wood Fencing

Unlike other fencing companies that bring prefab panels to your property and construct in sections, we take the time to install your fencing in Indianapolis, IN from the ground up. We use a technique called stick framing, which enables us to quickly install each post and in real-time on your property, so we can create a truly custom installation.

Stick framing not only allows us to adapt your fencing to meet the needs of your land, it also gives us the chance to install each with precision. This means a fence that’s inspected for quality as it’s being built, guaranteeing the best possible construction.

Working With All Types of Wood

There are numerous varieties of wood out there that lend themselves to fencing. Our team has experience in working with them all. From oak to cedar and beyond, we’ll consult with you about your plans to paint or stain, and we can recommend the right hardwood option for a fence that looks beautiful and lasts for years.

Fence Repairs

If your wood fencing has a broken/damaged section or areas where decay have developed, give us a call. We repair fencing by restoring the structure’s integrity while keeping your costs as low as possible.

Contact us today at 317-280-7402 to discuss wood fencing construction and repairs. We’ll be glad to provide you with an estimate on your next quality fencing installations for wood, PVC fencing, ornamental gates, and more.