Chain Link Fencing & Handrails in Indianapolis, IN

chainlink fenceIf you require a simple barrier fence or something to run along the perimeter of your property to keep trespassers out, chain link is a smart investment. The utilitarian nature of chain link fences in Indianapolis, IN makes them strong and reliable, while keeping costs low for customers. They’re great for industrial and commercial customers, or even residential property owners who want to keep pets in and people out.

Benefits of Chain Link

Chain link fencing allows you to see exactly what’s happening on the other side of your fence. Plus, because the material is galvanized, it’s protected against weathering and age, making it a long-term solution to protecting your property. Because of its low cost, chain link is also great for larger tracts of land, which makes it an optimal choice for industrial and commercial lots.

Wrought Iron Gates and Railing

iron gate and railing

In addition to our work with chain link, A Security Fence & Gate also installs wrought iron decorative gates and handrails in Indianapolis, IN. These installations are unique and beautiful, great for residential properties and some commercial settings. They’ll stand up to weathering and abuse, while adding a unique decorative touch to your property.

Our work with wrought iron is inspired by vintage, antique installations. We work hard to provide you with old-world charm and timeless décor, bringing gates and handrails to life on your property.

Repairs on All Fences

Regardless of who installed your chain link fence or wrought iron gate, trust our team to administer repairs when needed. Our experience in working with these products makes us the foremost authority on keeping them in tip-top shape. We’ll make sure your fences and gates are doing their jobs and looking great while they do it.

Contact A Security Fence & Gate today to consult about chain link fencing and handrails. We can be reached at 317-280-7402.