Where Should Handrails Be Installed In My Home?

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Wrought,Iron,Handrail,In,A,French,HouseHandrails play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and accessibility of a home. They provide support and stability, especially for individuals with mobility challenges or elderly members of the household. Installing handrails in key areas of your home can help prevent accidents and provide peace of mind. In this blog, we will discuss some of the essential areas where handrails should be installed in your home.

1. Staircases:

Staircases are one of the primary areas where handrails are crucial for safety. Falls on staircases can result in severe injuries, particularly for those who have difficulty with mobility or balance. Handrails should be installed on both sides of the staircase to provide optimal support. The handrails should be securely attached to the wall or the railing system and should be at a comfortable height for users to grip easily.

2. Entryways and Exits:

Entrance areas and exits should also be equipped with handrails. These areas often have steps or ramps that individuals need to navigate when entering or leaving the house. Handrails near entryways provide stability and support when carrying heavy items or when encountering slippery surfaces due to rain or snow. By installing handrails in these areas, you can ensure the safety and convenience of all individuals who enter or leave your home.

3. Bathrooms:

The bathroom can be a hazardous area, especially for older adults or those with mobility limitations. Installing handrails near toilets and within showers or bathtubs can significantly reduce the risk of slips, falls, and accidents. The handrails should be secured to the wall and positioned at a height that allows users to maintain balance and support themselves when sitting down or standing up. It is important to choose handrails that are resistant to moisture and designed for bathroom use to prevent any damage or deterioration.

4. Hallways and Corridors:

Handrails in hallways and corridors can provide additional support and stability, especially for individuals who may have difficulty walking long distances or navigating narrow spaces. These areas can also be prone to tripping hazards or uneven flooring, making handrails essential for maintaining balance and preventing falls. Handrails can be installed on one or both sides of the hallway, depending on the specific needs and layout of your home.

5. Outdoor Areas:

Outdoor areas, such as front or back porches, decks, and gardens, should not be overlooked when considering handrail installation. These areas often have steps or uneven terrain, which can pose a risk, particularly during inclement weather conditions. Installing handrails in outdoor areas can ensure the safety of individuals and provide additional support when navigating outdoor spaces. It is important to choose handrails made from materials that can withstand outdoor elements and require minimal maintenance.


Handrails are an essential feature in any home, providing support, stability, and safety for individuals of all abilities. By installing handrails in key areas of your home, such as staircases, entryways and exits, bathrooms, hallways and corridors, and outdoor areas, you can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and enhance the accessibility of your home. Whether you have elderly family members, individuals with mobility challenges, or simply want to prioritize safety, handrails play a vital role in creating a secure living environment. Ensure that handrails are installed properly and meet safety standards to maximize their effectiveness. Consulting with a handrails professional can help determine the best handrail solutions for your specific needs and ensure a safe and accessible home for everyone.

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